Leslie Haradin interior designer silver

Leslie Haradin has always been drawn to design. Raised in Minnesota, she spent much of her childhood at auctions and flea markets, before venturing on to earn a Masters Degree in Design and Construction Management from Colorado State University.


Filled with a sense of wanderlust, Leslie is constantly adding to her palette of color, cultural influences and creativity. Her reputation for timeless style with a twist has generated a loyal following of repeat clients with homes all across the country. 


Based out of a quirky studio in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Leslie is well known for her down-to-earth approach and ability to navigate every detail in the design process. Clients have the option to work with her from the architectural concept stage, right through to the finishing touches. 


Over 25 years, the scope and scale of each project has varied, but Leslie’s boundless energy and personalized commitment to each client remains a constant.